More similar than we think…

Personally, I befriend people from different generations than myself very easily, in fact a lot better than I would someone from my own generation. I love hanging out with my Nana Sue and I have found my soul mate in the six-year-old boy I babysit. I have never met people who understand me as much as they do. This is why I was so excited when I found out our journalism class would be visiting Nichols Village to interview the nice people that live there.

When I walked in the front doors into the lobby of Nichols, immediately I say a tall woman wearing a brown sweat suit and a big smile on her face. I came to find out that her name is Mona Spalding and she built and designed her own garage!

The part about interviewing Mona that I loved the most was not what we were talking about, but the fluidity of our conversation. Her excitement for the interview and my ability to connect with people who are not my age made us click instantly.

I loved this field trip. It might even be the best one I have ever been on! I think it is so important for generations to learn from and take what the other has to offer.