Vinyl is Spinning Out of Control


Sun & Sparrow Photographers

Back in the day when Beatlemania and the King himself- Elvis swept the music industry, everyone wanted to own music, and vinyl was the thing to buy. However, the evolving invention of CD’s and iPod’s have completely changed the way people look at music throughout the years, and now vinyl appears to be ancient to most people.

As most people know, in 2013, the vintage style came back, and vinyl has been on the rise once again.

A lot of people may think that buying vinyl is useless, since downloading a song on an iPhone is only seconds away, but there is a lot more to it than people think.

Something that people find interesting about collecting vinyl is that the numbers of artists are always growing. Records aren’t always just a simple shade of black, too. There are an infinite number of interesting designs and colors to choose from and collect.

A common thing for collectors is to look up which pressing the vinyl is, which is how many times a new design or a new, improved part of that album is released. Usually first pressings or limited pressings are the rarest. The rarer something is, the higher the price will go up on websites like Ebay, and this is something collectors love to make money off of. Many are printed out on 180-gram, as well, which are more desired because they have the best sound. This exciting variety has sparked a lot of interest in collectors.

Collecting vinyl is a great way of finding new music that you have never heard of, and a lot of people think it’s cool to find music from bands that are smaller and more obscure. With an average price of 18 to 25 dollars, they are a bit more expensive than CD’s. However, there are ways to convert the music from a record player to a computer, which is becoming extremely popular. A lot of modern presses come with mp3 codes, as well.

Since people are so amused by this revived trend, stores that sell records such as Bullmoose and Newbury Comics have been completely flooded by new collectors. Many people enjoy going to Black Friday and Record Store Day, which is actually coming up April 19th, to get their hands on new releases and continue their collections. Whether they are in the market for older or newer music, it is a super fun way to reminisce and discover new bands.