Culture Shock

Culture Shock, the epitome of Pentucket language students’ education, took place on Thursday March 26.

Students from all levels of German, Latin, and Spanish classes created projects for this event. Art projects were on full display in the hall, while students who researched activities for their projects taught others their crafts in the cafe. Traditional games were featured such as pinata breaking, a mass game of hide and seek (the Spanish version of course), a completely free international bake-off, and the International Idol talent show.

The talent show surpassed a lot of people’s expectations. Rachel Smith, a junior, raved that “it was super cool,” before admitting that her favorite part was yelling “‘No thing but a chicken wing mamasita!’” So that was Rachel, destroying our night of culture with her How I Met Your Mother references.

However the rest of the night went off without a hitch,; even the electronic, real-time voting system for the talent show worked in a burst of miraculous technological perfection that we have never seen before and will likely never see again.

It was a cultural celebration for the record books, or the school newspaper, and it will be hard to improve upon next year.