South Korea Ferry Disaster

On April 16th, a ferry heading to an island resort, Jeju, off the coast of South Korea sank. 9 people are confirmed to be dead, 179 have been rescued, but 287 people remain missing.

The bulk of the passengers on board were teachers and students from Ansan Danwon High school. It is unclear if the people found dead were students or part of the crew.

The ship started to list-lean to one side-and started to sink around 9 A.M. Students were given mixed orders on what to do; some were told to stay where they were, and others were told to jump off. No one knows why the boat sank.

Out of the 46 lifeboats attached to the ferry only one was deployed. The captain of the ship has apologized to the families. He faces charges of negligence and accidental suicide.

No one knows for sure if the missing 287 people are alive on the ship or if they’ve given in to the water which is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

169 boats, 29 planes, and 512 divers have joined the rescue, but harsh winds, rain, and fog have hurt the mission. [1]