Summer Fun

As the humid nights are starting to roll around, many of us are fantasizing about not having to wake up at 6 and all of the exciting plans we keep discussing with friends. However, once summer comes around, many of us can’t ever seem to think of anything to do, and the thought of it being “the best summer ever” starts to diminish.

It doesn’t have to be like that though! With an exciting, adventurous handful of friends, a GPS, and some planning, you can be assured to have the best summer ever.

So, for planning help, a few of your fellow classmates will help you out with some exciting ideas.

With the weather being so hot, most of us want to be near water as much as possible. However, cliché beach trips can get a little repetitive at times. By just changing up the location of where you’re going, it can add a lot more fun. Road trips are always so much fun because you get to go places you have never been to, and you get to hang out with your favorite people.

Kayaking is another fun activity to do in the summer. If you’re planning on going camping, try to find a relaxing, pretty lake to hang out around. So many people enjoy it- especially those who love nature.

Rob Gleason recommends going to Weir’s beach in New Hampshire. At this beach there are great restaurants and fun stores to explore; including a drive-in theatre, which should be a must on people’s summer bucket list. You can also play free arcade games, and what’s better than that?

Hikes are also perfect for nature lovers. Even around the area in West Newbury there are beautiful places to walk around. Oriana Richmond enjoys going to Pipestave and Maudslay.  Ashley Magee says that she “went parasailing one time over the summer,” and although it was really scary, she loved it.

If you’re in the mood to be around some crowds, baseball games and concerts are always a fun thing to do. Although it can be a bit pricy, they’re always worth going to in the end- especially if you’re getting the chance to see your favorite team or performer.

There is a countless number of things to do over the summer, so make sure you try your best to do something each day.  We all know summer goes by fast, so don’t waste it!