How To Tell If You’re Living a Chick Flick

1. You’re a “chick.”

2. You have family issues and are a bit of a “loner,” but have one good friend who you tell everything to.

3. Your best friend is extremely sassy and infinitely looser than you are, but everybody loves her anyways because she’s hilarious and doesn’t take no crap.

4. You meet a male figure who you do not like at first, but then, as he begins to redeem himself, you start to like quite a lot.

5. He’s pretty.

6. Said male figure is mysterious and doesn’t talk to anyone but stares at you constantly.

7. He may or may not sparkle from time to time. It’s normal. Just go with it.

8. You fall in love with this guy in an absurdly short amount of time and suddenly have to be with him because you know and love everything about him and each little fragment of your soul aches to belong to him in spite of the fact that you’ve had a longer relationship with a pack of gum than you’ve had with him.

9. Your wardrobe is absolutely beautiful, which is odd given that you have no interest in clothes or shoes because you’re not “that kind of girl.”

10. The lighting in your life is always weirdly flattering.

11. You never get acne and everybody in your school is super-hot except for that one nerdy student that everybody endearingly laughs at.

12. Your favorite book is Pride & Prejudice and you probably haven’t ever read a book that isn’t Pride & Prejudice.

13. You have a guy friend who is sweet and adorable, but you just don’t feel that same spark that he secretly feels about you.

14. You and your dashing male figure meet serendipitously and always use this word to describe how you met.

15. Number fourteen can also apply with the words “fate” and “destiny.”

16. All of the problems in your life could be solved by using your words!

17. Your break up song is a Taylor Swift anthem.

18. Just kidding, you’re in a chick flick- you’re actually going to get married and have five beautiful blond children.

19. After the necessary measures of angst, of course.

20. You often find yourself looking out windows while it rains.

21. You take your sunglasses off with a dramatic hair flip.

22. You wear glasses during school because you’re too awkward to care, but as soon as you put on a prom dress and put some contacts in your eyes, you become Beyonce.

23. You use a designer purse as a backpack because they’re like that bewitched bag Hermione has in Harry Potter: Apparently they can fit anything in there, and where else are you going to store your copy of Pride & Prejudice, which, as we said before, is your favorite book and the only one you’ve ever read.

24. Your father is terrified of you getting pregnant in spite of the fact that you’ve never even had a boyfriend.

25. You don’t go to the bathroom. Ever.

26. Your best friend and the best friend of the guy you like are scheming to get you two together. They will later hook up, but their relationship will not be as long or fruitful as the one that you have with your love interest, because who’s the chick in this flick? YOU.