Green is the New Black

For the average teenager, high school can seem like a waste of time compared to things that are actually important; like sleeping and binge watching your favorite Netflix shows like Orange is the New Black.

The next time you find yourself feeling like school is a prison; think about the 7 ways that PRHS is like the prison in hit drama “Orange is the New Black”.


1. Overtly sexual hallway-goers

If you’ve ever seen the show you know that there is a lot uncomfortable action going on in the background, it’s the same here and it’s even more obnoxious because you have to pass it on your way to your next class. It’s nothing as extreme as what is going on in the show, but the routinely make out sessions that happen throughout the school are unnecessary.


2. Groups sticking to their stereotypes

It happened in the halls, class, and the café. People tend to associate only with people they feel that are like them. In the show, the female prisoners form gangs and only associate with people of their own race. At school this happens too but it’s a little less dramatic.


3. Cameras at every turn

There is a whole new security issue happening with all the schools ever since the sandy hook shooting. As a result of this the school has put up cameras for extra security resembling a prison. This allows them to try and keep an eye on people coming and going from the building.


4. Bared doors

Just like the female prisoners who have to live behind locked doors, the doors to the school are locked and you have to look into a camera and buzz in if you want to come back into the building. This makes it very inconvenient for students who have to make the trek to the middle school for some of their classes as a result of the mods being flooded. Senior, Zach Colbert described the situation as an “inconvenience.”

-The pornstache presence around the facility

I don’t know what the deal is with the police presence in the school but they kind of stand around and try to look intimidating. Police cars can often be found parked in front of the school keeping an eye on students and teachers that are driving in and out from the property.

-A single monotonous schedule

The schedule has changed and there is no class rotation.  This makes each day more boring and reinforces the idea that school can feel like a prison ground. Colbert worries that as the year continues he might have a “hard time staying awake in class” because of the boring schedule.

-No free time (ten minute break)

We don’t have any free time to socialize in between the 2nd and 3rd period and a lot of students are upset about it. At least prisoners get a cool prison yard to hang out in.