8 Ways to Better Your Mood

  1. Eat a good breakfast in the morning.

Nothing puts you in a worse mood than coming to school tired and hungry, so to avoid the awkward first period growling stomach, take time to eat breakfast in the morning. Chances are that you will feel much better throughout the day, and sitting down to take a break for breakfast will give you a moment to relax from the morning stress.

 2. Dress in whatever makes you comfortable and confident.

Whether it is sweatpants, athletic clothes, jeans, or dresses, wear clothes that make you feel good and confident. Being comfortable with your appearance will take one more little thing away to worry about. If you are dressing how you like and feel good about your look, it will do wonders to the improvement of your mood.

 3. Think positive.

Negative thoughts lead to bad moods and lots of unnecessary stress. Look for positives in any situation to better your mood. Take a stressful situation, such as having a lot of homework in one night, one step at a time. Plan out how long to spend on each assignment and take breaks when needed.

 4. Small things make a big difference.

Hold the door open for someone or pick up the scattered papers around the recycle bin. The “thank you” that you receive will most likely brighten your mood. Doing small things that are not really out of your way to do, and that will help out others around you is one way to help others and improve your mood.

 5. Stay organized.

An excessive amount of stress is one way to surely put you in a bad mood. Simple solution: stay organized; keep track of your time, and your work load. Pack your bag the night before, or keep a daily schedule for weeknights. Having structure in your life while trying to balance a hectic high school life will help to better your mood and create less stress.

 6. Stay active.

Another way to reduce stress is to just take a break once in a while. Join sports teams, go for a run after school, take up yoga, or get some fresh air. Take an hour or two to take your mind off school or work, and get your body moving and blood flowing. You will feel better after a mental break and most likely be more apt to focus easier.

 7. Listen to music.

Music is a great stress reliever and a way to make you feel happy and comfortable. Music has a way of connecting to everyone, whether it is country, rock, or pop, some type of music will fit your style. Let loose and dance a little or hum, to the melody and clap to the beat, because, more frequently than not, music can find a way to cheer you up.

 8. Write it all down.

If you are having a rough day and cannot keep your thoughts together, try writing it all down in a journal or diary. Writing down negative thoughts and getting all your worries out of your head is a great way to reduce your stress and improve your mood. When everything is down on paper in front of you, it can help you see the root to your problems and figure out a way to fix it.