Gone Girl Movie Review

Married life takes a turn for the worse for Nick and Amy Dunne in the new movie, Gone Girl. This thriller will make you rethink your life and your view of the justice system.

This twisted tale begins the morning of Amy Dunne’s disappearance. Her husband, Nick Dunne, is as clueless as ever when the police question him about his wife’s daily routines. Even though Nick looks like a promising suspect, we have every right to believe he is innocent.

Nick’s luck depletes when a TV reporter trashes his reputation to the general public. As Amy’s fan base rises, Nick’s popularity plummets, especially after a certain affair of Nick’s is brought to light by his lover, a college student.

For those of you who read the book by Gillian Flynn, the movie is basically a recap. The rumor about the movie having a different ending than the book is unfortunately untrue. The book just goes into more in depth details of the supposed abduction.

There are few characters in this movie that I actually liked. With all of the rude, boring, and sociopathic personalities, it was hard to pick a favorite; however, the two characters that I somewhat enjoyed were Nick’s sister, Margo Dunne, and Detective Rhonda Boney, who is in charge of the case. Margo brings a spunky, humorous vibe to the picture, and Rhonda shows the side of law enforcement that so many people are intrigued by.

My favorite thing about this movie was the massive plot twist towards the middle of the storyline. Some people may see it coming, but it took me completely by surprise! If the first part of this motion picture does not keep you entertained, the ending and plot twist sure will.

Also, the R- rating that comes along with this movie is definitely needed. Not only does it have fairly sexual scenes between multiple characters, but it also displays violent nature that is very graphic and disturbing. Finally, the language is quite explicit throughout the entire movie. I do not recommend that you take children under 15 to come see this movie. It may leave them scarred…

Overall, I do recommend this movie as a great watch. Along with the fascinating storyline comes remarkable acting by actors and actresses including Ben Affleck (Nick Dunne), Rosamund Pike (Amy Dunne), Carrie Coon ( Margo Dunne), Kim Dickens ( Rhonda Boney), and many others who deserve praise for their work. If the well-known actors don’t draw you in, the trailer will. So get gone to go see this new thriller!