The “Real” Barbie: The Lammily Doll

The “Real” Barbie: The Lammily Doll

I have voiced my utter hatred towards Barbie and the destruction that playing with such a “perfect” looking doll does to young girls minds.  But I wanted to share the new doll a man named Nickolay Lamm created.

After becoming frustrated with the unrealistic proportions of Barbie, and the pressure it puts upon young girls, Lamm created the original, “Lammily doll” which has proportions equal to that of an average nineteen year old girl.  His goal was to create, “a fun, appealing doll with natural-looking makeup and a casual, sporty wardrobe.”

The most interesting aspect of these average dolls are the sticker package that is available with purchase.  The package includes add-on “marks” ranging from scars, to cellulite, to tattoos.  This helps to promote positive body image, and that no matter how your body is, it is beautiful.

“I feel that, right now, dolls are very ‘perfect’ looking, when, in real life, few of us have perfect ski.  So, why not give dolls a ‘real treatment?’ Things like acne, stretch marks, and cellulite are a natural part of who we are,” states Lamm.

About 70% of women develop stretch marks during their lifetime and an estimated 90% of women have cellulite.  Acne, which is also common, is received by 80% of women between the ages of 11 and 30.

Getting children use to the idea that flaws are okay and are what make people beautiful and unique is exactly what the Lammily doll is trying to promote.

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