Twitter Controversy

Do you scroll up or down?


Recently I encountered an odd question that I had never previously thought about before? Which way do you scroll on your twitter timeline?


The answer for me is down, not that it really matters, but I had never thought about how others may experience twitter feeds. This question came up when I was on my phone, and my friend looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing. She noticed I was on twitter then after a few scrolls down, promptly exclaimed, “why do you keep scrolling down, you are supposed to go up!”


Clearly there are no written rules on how to use twitter that I had ever come upon, but I was shocked at her comment for two reasons. The first was how offended she was by my scrolling, which is really not that important, but whatever, and secondly was that I had never thought about the difference in scrolling.


There are those who scroll up on their twitter feeds, going from the older tweets into the more recent ones. Or others, like me, who refresh their feeds every time they go on twitter, then scroll down to the older tweets.


So which way is more popular for Pentucket students?


61 senior students were polled and 50% said they scrolled down. While 36% said they scrolled up, and .08% had no opinion for the situation, and .05% said they scroll both.


Senior Mike Masterson expressed his opinion of scrolling both ways by saying, “It depends, if I am looking for twitter beef I go old to new so I can read it in order.”


From the opinion of a person who scrolls down, similar to myself, senior Josh Wesolowski said, “who scrolls up?”


Either way that you scroll really does not matter because you can enjoy twitter in any way that you like quite frankly.