5 Reasons Why the Pentucket Mascot Should be a Penguin

  1. Everyone Loves a Good Alliteration

Unlike the “Pentucket Sachems,” the “Pentucket Penguins” rolls off the tongue. Having a mascot whose name starts with the same letter as the school automatically makes it a viable mascot option. Whenever faced with an option to make an alliteration, one must always take advantage of that opportunity.

  1. Finally Pentucket Would Have a Reason to Adopt Pet Penguins

With the advent of the penguin mascot, we would obviously have to adopt a school penguin. Obviously the penguin would have to be named Pengy. However if we adopted him, he would obviously be lonely and we would have to adopt another penguin, Penguina. With the pet penguins, tourists would flock to Pentucket by the masses. We could also raise money by starting “Pet-a-Penguin Day” in which the community would be able to visit our beautiful campus, and have the opportunity to pet our penguins for a small fee.

  1. There Would Be An Actual Purpose for the Pond in Front of the School

Two words: penguin habitat. Just imagine for a moment that instead of having to look at an algae infested pond at the front of our campus, we could have a state-of-the-art penguin habitat during the winter months. With a few simple additions like rocks and water slides, the pond would be renovated to a complex penguin compound.

  1. There Would Be a Purpose for the Courtyard

Picture yourself sitting in class and looking out the window into what was once a boring courtyard. However, now your eyes focus on an indoor, air-conditioned penguin dome. Simply adding a roof and a few gigantic cooling systems Pentucket could turn our obsolete courtyard into a winter wonderland full of beautiful penguins.

  1. No More Controversy

Pentucket’s current mascot, the Sachem, has drawn much criticism as racist and mocking a culture that has faced extreme genocide. However, if Pentucket was to convert our mascot to a penguin, there would no longer be any racial controversy. In fact, a penguin is both white and black, defying segregation. I can’t imagine anyone would be offended by an adorable penguin.


If Pentucket was to change mascots I believe that “penguin” would be the best option. Comment with your ideas!