WILD : A review of the book and movie

As a young woman who is obsessed with the outdoors, when I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed, I immediately connected to the story and fell in love. A beautifully written memoir, Strayed is in her early twenties when her mother passes away suddenly from cancer. After her death, she spirals into heroin, cheats on her husband, and loses any sense of who she is. At 26, she sets out on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) which runs through southern California up to Washington state. Wild is her story of that hike and its life changing effects.

This story is deeply touching. I cried within the first chapter, which rarely ever happens. And the raw honestly that Strayed tells her story with is refreshing. She never tries to paint herself in a prettier light; she tells things for what they are.

I highly recommend reading the book and then seeing the film, which came out recently featuring Reese Witherspoon (I would go as far to say that this movie is as good as Legally Blonde, if not better). It has a killer soundtrack and excellent cinematography, and the opening scene is hilarious, as well as relatable to any hiker. The one problem that I had with the film is that a few characters were cut from the movie, and if you read the book you will get the complete viewpoint of the story rather than the edited version.

I think this is a story that is applicable and relatable to anyone. Whether you have dealt with similar issues as Strayed, or simply enjoy hiking, I can guarantee you will be moved and entertained by Wild.


Wild is Rated R for sexual content, nudity, drug use, and language.


Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail is written by Cheryl Strayed and can be found at multiple local libraries in our area!