New Yeezy Alert

Just before the clock struck midnight on December 31st, Kanye West released his first single in over a year. The new song, “Only One” is the first song released from West’s upcoming album. “Only One” features keyboard from legendary singer and songwriter, Paul McCartney. The song is unlike most of Kanye West songs. Instead of dark and industrial sounding like his last album Yeezus, “Only One” is surprisingly simple and poignant. Kanye emotionally sings over autotune, to his daughter North, or as called in the song, “Nori.” The song is from the perspective of his deceased mother. West’s mother was his biggest supporter and one of the most important people in his life. Her untimely death in 2007 was devastating for West, and she never had the opportunity to meet her granddaughter. The song is very sweet and hints at new direction in Yeezy’s career as well as a new point in his life.


the song is not on YouTube and is only available on iTunes and on his website: