10 Highlights from Spirit Week 2014

Remember the good old days of Spirit Week? Here’s a throwback full of the best highlights!

Freshmen on Red, White, and Blue Day

Mrs. Cromwell’s Sophomore English class shows their colors on Red, White, and Blue Day.


Seniors on Dress-up Day

Seniors in the library dress up on Dress-Up Day.


Juniors on Decade Day

Juniors strike a pose on Decade Day; these juniors got to channel their inner 80’s work-out girls.


Freshmen on Class Color Day


Freshmen wear pink on Class Color Day.


Sophomores on Class Color Day


Sophomores wear Orange on Class Color Day.


Juniors on Class Color Day


Juniors get sassy and wear red on Class Color Day.


Seniors on Class Color Day


Seniors wear black on Class Color Day.


Ryan Gavin Pumps up the School


Junior, Ryan Gavin gets the underclassmen going at Spirit Night.*


Juniors on Homecoming


Junior girls dress up for Homecoming.**


Seniors vs. Sophomores Volleyball


Seniors and sophomores square off in Volleyball, the first game played at Spirit night.

Spirit week came to end on Color Day when each grade presented their videos. In the end seniors won followed by juniors, sophomores, and then freshman.


*Photo taken by Dan Thornton (@sachemathletics)

**Photo taken from Mike Labrecque’s twitter