Pandora vs. iHeart Radio

Pandora and iHeartRadio are the two biggest internet radio providers today, and there’s a lot of confusion over the differences between the two. Rightly so, as they are largely the same. However, upon comparison, some differences come up between the two, so in order to see if one is any better they will be compared with six categories:


Quality, Speed, Variety, Reliability, Functionality, and Overall Experience.*

Pandora vs. iHeart

The Totals

*Quality is the sound quality of the audio tracks, Speed is the speed at which a track loads, Variety is the ease at which one can find new or different tracks, Reliability is how steady or stable the app is, Functionality is how usable an app is, and Overall Experience is how enjoyable the experience was based on these traits.

Given that the two apps were so close as to how they stacked up with these ratings, another method will also be used to show how the two compare. Below will be a chart that covers the functions and properties of the two services, from accessibility to account information.

Pan. vs. iHeart

Upon examining, the edge leans further towards iHeartRadio being a somewhat better service overall, although they are still largely the same overall. In the end neither one can really take credit for being superior to the other, so it really comes down to whichever is preferable: Red or Blue?

***All graphics by Blaine Senechal***