Public Speaking

Public Speaking is just about the last thing anyone wants to see on their class schedule. Getting up and presenting a project, for example, is the last thing anyone wants to do, and people like it even less if that is the entire class. Even low budget television programs like to dramatize this with a flashback to standing in front of one’s peers without a clue of what to say or do, which plenty of people can relate to.

Having taken Public Speaking during Freshman year, I have a very different view of what a Public Speaking class is. As awful as Public Speaking may sound, it has plenty of benefits for anyone willing to tough through it, especially for people who struggle with presenting. Public Speaking can genuinely be a nightmare for those involved because of the anxiety people have about getting up in front of their peers. Coming out of a Public Speaking course, however, that anxiety is somewhat subdued because of the experience gained from within a Public Speaking class.

Why should I take Public Speaking?”
Public Speaking does not just help with presenting projects throughout High School and College, it also has helps outside of academics. Take interviews for example, they are very similar to public speaking in that the pressure one feels is almost the same as in a public speaking course. Having experience working through such pressure and anxiety can both boost one’s confidence and make the whole job hunting process much easier. Outside of the work sphere, each time one goes out in public and has to interact with others, having experience in public speaking can also make those interactions easier.

So, I would strongly recommend that anyone given the chance should take at least one Public Speaking course, if not more. If possible, I recommend to take Public Speaking in both high school and college, as it will really help both academically, and throughout the rest of one’s life.