You can serve your country, but can’t be served a beer? Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?‏

Most of us count the seconds until we turn 18 because we become adults and are allowed to make decisions that we weren’t able to make in previous years. With the coming of age 18, we, the youth of our generation, are now eligible to vote, own a fire arm, purchase a pack of cigarettes, serve time in jail and more importantly, serve for our country. This raises the question, “Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?”

In an interview with a local student at Pentucket Regional High School, Nick Fiore, senior, stated that a few pros with the legal age being lowered may include: “experimenting and learning how to use and control the substance.” He also believed that “harsher penalties should be put into effect and people ages 18-20 should be taxed more when purchasing alcohol.”

For many years now, the legal age has been 21, but most people don’t end up waiting until then to try their first drink. Pentucket Assistant Principal David Evans goes on to say, “I was 15 or 16 when I tried my first drink at a family gathering during dinner. Those who were 18 at the time drank, and those who were not didn’t. It is how society was. But the legal age should not be changed back from 21.” He then later stated, “The legal limit should be lowered to .02, like it is for certain jobs.” This includes his own, which requires him to drive state issued fire trucks. That would mean when driving through a DUI checkpoint, as it would be harder to pass if any alcohol was detected on one’s breath.

Everyone’s brain develops at a different rate, ranging from as low as 18 years of age to even 23 or higher. Having the option to drink at the age of 18 brings great responsibility and has no room for immaturity. So if you decide on your 18th birthday that you want to have a drink with your parents, are you really ready to become an adult?