Pentucket’s Spirit Animals

The strength of an elephant, the speed of a cheetah, the bravery of a lion, the grace of a swan – animals often are looked to as and regarded as symbols of a specific characteristic desired by humans.


The term ‘Spirit Animal’ is far from a new concept, dating back to pagan religions and spiritual systems, though it has recently achieved pop-culture esteem due to it’s popularity and usage on social media. Defined as “…[an animal] meant to be a representation of the traits and skills one is supposed to learn or have…”, the notion of spirit animals is something achievable and enjoyable by all.


When asked what their particular animals were, Pentucket Regional High School students were more than welcome to describe and share their thoughts on the matter. Out of 72 participants surveyed, there was a wonderful variation of great answers. Here are some of the favorites.




“I would choose an elephant, because they are a symbol of calmness and tranquility, while also being strong and powerful. This is kind of how I view myself, the strong and silent type.”     – Craig Nealon, freshman and aspiring bodybuilder.


“[My spirit animal] would be a baby pig. Not an adult pig, a baby pig. They are everything I want to be in life: adorable, cute, capable of making funny sounds, and overall the best animal ever. Also, bacon.” – Cammi Balentine, junior and member of a bacon appreciation group.

(Ms. Balentine was asked if ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’ were redundant and one was able to be omitted, but she insisted on a difference between the words.)


“What would my spirit animal be? Definitely a fox, because they are the perfect animal. A beautifully crafted combination of both dog and cat, these woodland creatures are the reason I am here today. Foxes are life, foxes are life.” – Sami Jones, sophomore, fox enthusiast.


“Sloth. Oh, I have to explain why? Well, they truly embody my lazy personality coupled with the sheer intensity of a sloth’s epicness.” – Nick Fiore, senior.


“John Parsons is my spirit animal. Why, you ask? Have you ever seen John Parsons? Ever talked to him? If you’re questioning why, you obviously haven’t.” – Shannon Fitzgerald, senior.

(John is a well-known Pentucket sophomore student who apparently has made quite an impact on the lives of many)