What does your Hair Color say about You?

You already know what your car says about you, but do you know what your hair color says about you?
*WARNING* This article is not meant to offend anybody, nor are the views or opinions expressed in this article the views or opinions of me
*SIDE-NOTE/ something to think about* During my interviews, when asking about hair color stereotypes I was never gender specific; however, the majority of responses were assumed that the person with the dye  job was a female. Interesting, huh?
What you lack in intelligence, you make up for in fun!
We all know the blonde stereotype, as blonde herself, Taylor Garant, puts it, “Blondes are dumb.” (Obviously, this stereotype does not apply to all blondes, as 50% of research subjects believe that, out of all of the possible hair colors, the first woman president could sport golden locks!) Another common stereotype that ex-blonde, Molly Rollins, expresses is, “Blondes have more fun.” Being blonde, you are also considered extra-feminine and give off a “beachy vibe,” according to Newburyport High junior, Alison Russel.
Bleach Blonde:
You have basically the same stereotype as regular blondes, except taken to a more extreme level. 
You are, supposedly, less knowledgable than regular blondes. Ethan Bridgewater says, “[Bleach blondes] are even more stupid.” (Again, don’t take offense- you have a good shot at being the first female president!!) Also, many people I interviewed came to the conclusion that bleach blondes are, to some degree, superficial. You put an overly excessive amount of your time and energy into your appearance. On a lighter note however, Taylor Garant considers you “a trophy wife.”
Bright Red (Dyed):
This is a rather pin-up color, giving off sex-appeal. Your dye choice can also make you come off loud, crazy, and bold. 
When asking Pentucket junior, Angela Patrikeas, what she thinks when she sees somebody rocking the red, she thinks it says, “‘I want to stand out.'” Agreeing with Patrikeas, Pentucket junior, Jen Hauss, says, “it is stereotyped as attention wanters.” Because of your boldness, your hair color can also make you seem more “confident” according to junior, Shannon Wesley. You are also extremely alluring and considered “wild.” You keep doing you, beautiful!
You are somewhat rebellious and quirky. You are also very normal. When interviewing subjects what they think of black-haired people, the most common answers they gave me included, “untrustworthy, quiet and reserved, and calm.” You have an air of mystery to you. Junior, Angela Patrikeas, considers you “exotic.” You also are considered to be gothic. Max Masterson, freshman, says, “somebody (with black hair) is in their pre-pubescent years and they want to change themselves to make themselves look cooler.” Don’t you worry though, you are cool with or your without black hair.
Green, Blue, Pink, Purple
You are not afraid to be yourself and be bold. In the dictionary, under the word “confidence” is a picture of you. 
Junior, Shannon Wesley, describes brightly-colored beauties as, “People who don’t care what others think of them and aren’t afraid to be themselves.” My interviewees stated that you are somewhat outrageous in your actions, and your gigantic personality shines through and lights up every room you go in.
You have the most normal and regular hair color of them all!
Max Masterson says, “A woman with brown hair is a housewife who feeds her kids dinner every night.” You are very average, but orderly and put together. “Brown haired people are supposed to be the smartest, like a lack of imagination just kind of bland,” says Taylor Garant. You’re a genius, and I’m sure you love to have a good time, you’re probably not boring! Go you!