Prom Court: Should the Tradition Continue?

Prom court has been an ancient tradition here at Pentucket High School, but in recent years it has sparked controversy. People are beginning to question the fairness and relevance of prom court.

Prom court is judged by a panel of teachers on a scale of 1-5. Teachers score juniors and seniors on their poise and appearance. This system tries to prevent prom court from becoming a popularity contest.

Despite the system, people still fear students might get their feelings hurt if they don’t win the crown. Junior Emmy Desjardins believes this shouldn’t be an issue. She says, “People are just too sensitive these days. If you were a true friend you’d be happy for whoever won.”

A poll conducted by the Class of 2016 asked juniors whether or not they want a prom court at prom this year. There were 35 votes for “yes” and only 10 for “no.” This data reveals that a large majority of people are in favor of the tradition, but some are still opposed.

Though she did not attend prom in high school, Ms. Costello says she is against to the idea of prom court. “As a women, I feel like it’s saying only the most beautiful women win.” She added that it’s a “class issue” and it is “telling people that’s what matters most.” She thinks that it is always the girls with the most expensive dresses that win.

Ms. Ducalon, a past prom court judge here at Pentucket, said it was “very strange to be judging students as a teacher.” She continued on to say, “I would hate being in promenade; I would skip it myself.”

An article by the NSD Website Administrator at is against the tradition. It stated, “A night that is supposed to be meant for celebration and remembrance should not be spoiled by a silly little competition.” It claims that prom court “overshadows the real meaning of what prom really is about.”

Shannon Wesley, a Pentucket junior, says, “People should not let it define who they are.” People would agree that someone feels beautiful, they should not need a crown to prove it.

The prom committee has decided to have a prom court this year due to the overwhelming support the tradition received from students.

In retrospect, Prom Court can be highly offensive to some, but many others would agree that it is just, as Junior Kam Donavan commented, “harmless fun.” What do you think? Should Pentucket toss the tradition?