The Six Month Rule

Anyone who has ever tried to get their Junior Operator License knows that they have to wait six months after they pass their road test in order to drive any passengers besides immediate family in the car.

In the event that a junior operator drives with other people in the car within the six months and gets pulled over, their license will be suspended for 60 days and they would have to pay a fine of roughly $100. With the harsh penalties for breaking the six month rule, who would ever break it?!

Well, the answer to that question is, only everyone. Although it is against the law, almost everyone who has ever had their Junior Operator License admits to breaking it.

The six month stretch is way too long to wait to drive people in your car. What’s the point of getting your license if you can’t drive your friends around to go places?

In spite of the fact that everyone breaks the rule, the RMV has good intentions by means of trying to prevent new drivers from being distracted by their friends when they first get their license. However, Pentucket junior Emmy Desjardins argued that the law is contradicting and said that “if you can drive with a sibling, you should be able to drive with people because of the fact that a sibling can distract you as much as your friends can.”

Steve Hoffman, owner of Hoffman Auto School, and a driving instructor who is popular here throughout Pentucket said that, “Breaking the six month rule just is not worth it. You wait so long to get your license and to have it taken away just so you can give a friend a ride is a distraction and a bad decision.”

On the other hand, Pentucket junior Ethan Bridgewater said that having a passenger in the car is a good thing, “It’s good to have a passenger in the car so he or she can pull up the GPS and give directions.”

Even though everyone breaks the 6 month rule, it will probably never change due to all the “distractions” friends give to new drivers.


PS: The author who wrote this got caught breaking the six month rule the weekend after writing this article.