Miley Cyrus’ Overly Emotional Song About Her Dead Blowfish

Your average sad song is probably about one of the following: a devastating breakup, a deceased loved one, or a person going through a hard time.

For blatantly obvious reasons, a deceased, limbless, aquatic animal probably does not make that list.
When people have pet fish, they typically do not form intense emotional connections to them.
This being said, while the death of a fish might not be catastrophic to the majority of the world’s population, this is clearly not the case for America’s wild child, Miley Cyrus.
She recently produced an impassioned ballad focused solely upon her late blowfish, Pablow.
Since Cyrus has pushed many boundaries and has done a multitude of questionable things in the past, this should not come as a surprise to anybody; however, the thing that makes her most-recent antic such a shocker is the fact that subject matter causes her so much genuine distress.
In a video she put out, performing this song adorned in a blue unicorn onesie, she can barely hold herself together.
Some of the most memorable lyrics from this song include: “You lived under the water, but I love you so much/ You’ve never been on land, and you’ve never seen the sky/ You don’t know what a cloud is, why does everything I love have to die?” And “On Saturday night/ We all went out to eat/ But I can never decide/ So someone chose sushi/ I got soup/ And I ordered rice/ But watching my friends eat my friends/ Ruined my appetite.”
At the end of the clip, she quickly walks to a stage manager and holds him in a deep embrace. He consoles her as tears unapologetically stream down her cheeks.