The 346


When street gangs conflict over territory, only one rules the streets of Merrimac, Massachusetts…


The 346.


This “gang” is not just any ordinary gang however.  First of all, they’re nonviolent, but nonetheless it members are elusive, secretive, and seemingly all over the place, even though the numbers “346”  just represent the area code for Merrimac.  


Students attending Pentucket Regional High School have seen the numbers “346” throughout the school whether it’s in the bathrooms, hallways, desks, etc. but not everyone knows what they mean.  


“People know they exist,” said senior Rachel Thibeau, “it’s funny, because they probably think of themselves as straight thugs even though we go to school in like one of the safest towns [in Massachusetts].”


Merrimac, ironically enough, is also a safe small town so the thought of a high school “street gang” ruling these streets is somewhat hilarious.


The question remains though…


Who are its members and what do they do?  


According to their twitter page, which is @346BadBoyz if anyone wants to toss them a follow, they are a “rap group/trap group” that runs the streets.


They’ve even released an album called FOTW (fresh out of the womb), with their hit single being “I Eat Pizza.”


They put out a tweet several months ago characterizing their style which includes Nike sweatbands, snorkels, velvet puma track suits, and Gucci slippers…


But this brings us back to its members.  Who are they? Have people seen anyone dressed like this is public?  Probably not.  So where are these people found?


Senior Ethan Bridgewater, says he “pleads the 5th,” when asked about the 346 and it’s members, and senior Ben Quinn (who may or may not be a member in the “gang”) says, “there are no snitches in the 346.”


Quinn also adds that there is no age limit to this “gang” and that, “if you were born and raised in merrimac you are part of the 346.”  


Even though it members are still a secret, and the mystery of the 346 has yet to be solved, the gang continues to spread,


Apparently not just including students.   


Even the artistic and kind Mr. Bixby, an art and video production teacher at Pentucket, has been personally affected by the 346, evident with his inspiring quote….
“Holla, 346 for life.”