College: a stressful part of many seniors’ lives.


From balancing the normal workload of  the school year, extracurriculars, and also the many aspects involved in the college process, this is a lot to juggle over the course of the school year. People suggest starting early so it does not become overwhelming for you.


This process is made easier with someone to help you through it.  Many have already started or are half way completed with what is needed for the college process  but have felt lost and overcome by the amount that is needed to be completed.


Mr. Smith, the head of guidance at Pentucket High School, talked about how starting early is extremely beneficial to everyone; “We understand that this is an overwhelming process, and here at guidance we want to meet the needs of the students.”


A lot of students are stressed about the process because “it takes too long,” according to senior, Maddy Corkery.  Corkery feels that it can be difficult to find time to complete college stuff while trying to balance homework and extracurriculars.


Senior Alyssa Mostyn says she’s “not nervous about acceptances, but worried about taking the November SATs and the scores getting in on time.” This has caused many people to worry over the arrival of their scores in time for the approaching dates of their application deadlines.


Another Senior Jillian Hegarty says that she’s “more stressed than nervous, and also lost.”  Between Common App and writing the essay, students have many things to deal with and a deadline when they have to have it completed by.


Meghan Jones, who is also a senior, said she was “nervous because this decides your future.”  Thinking about your future is something that many struggle with at 17 and 18 years old, which makes them question what major is the right fit for them.


It’s a very long process that is a lot for students and making them anxious because of deadlines as early as November 1st. Overall, everyone feels that these deadlines come up too fast and are scared about if they will be able to meet them.


Over in guidance, Mr. Smith mentions that people should chunk out their college work to help them plan their time out better.  Two of the biggest components of the college process are college research and the essay.  It is recommended to have the essay basically completed before school starts and to have your list of colleges narrowed down.  At the beginning of the school year, we should start to send out and complete your applications.


Everyone approaches this process differently.  Some get it all done at once, while others procrastinate.  It can be a lot for some to deal with and to comprehend this whole decision.


Mr. Smith advises, “Everybody’s going to end up somewhere and… it’s about getting into the one that’s the right fit for you.  My best advice is to ignore the noise and really think about yourself and where you see yourself spending the next four years.”