Home is where the heat is

As the cold roles in, families are choosing different ways to warm their homes.


The lower oil price this season will relieve the oil using homeowners. However, some homes have their fuel split between oil and propane. The Phillips home is split 70% oil and 30% propane.


In order to keep the costs lower for a large, old home like the Phillips, the temperature is a crisp 60 degrees for the duration of the winter.


One of the benefits of living in an old home is the abundance of fireplaces. Thatcher Phillips deals with the cold with “fire and blankets mostly.” Although the majority of the Phillips home is cool, being cozy by the fire cannot be beat.


Mrs. Brackbill reminisces, “one year we tried to keep warm with wood stoves, and we went through three cords of wood.” Waking up to a cold home was difficult.


Now the Brackbill family keeps their home at a constant 68 degrees with the assistance of an oil heating system.


However people’s homes are heated this winter, remember to stay warm in every way possible.