A Message to Paris

Around the world, everyone is in shock over the attack that occurred in Paris on Friday November 13th. The realization of the situation has begun to hit and we all feel for those who were affected. Our hearts and prayers go out to Paris in this time of crisis. 

In honor of this event, I decided to ask the students at Pentucket High School to give a few words to support anyone who has been affect by this tragedy. This is what they said;

“Very heart breaking, I’m sorry for the tragedy that you had to go through and how it effect your lives.”- Jackie Kutcher 

“I feel terrible that our country isn’t helping, especially after 9/11, I hope you will bounce back strong.”- Greg Parachojuk

“I’m sorry about your losses and the pain you have gone through and if there’s anything I could do I would.”- Jillian Hegarty

“I’m sorry it’s terrible that these things happen.”- Isabelle Lake

“Isis should have been blown up a long time ago, and the president should have recognized that ISIS is a terror group not RADICAL ISLAM. The fact that it takes a tragedy like this for people to recognize ISIS is a problem is horrendous and disgusting and sad.”- Sam Romano

“Kick some ass, avenge those who have been killed.”- Ethan Hotain

Clearly students have strong feelings about what has happened. This is what we would say and the message we want to send to those who were effected.