Sneakers with Jeans?


Is this trend the fashion statement of the year? Furthermore, is wearing jeans with sneakers considered acceptable, or is it just weird?


According to highly educated fashionista, Sophomore Juliette Belliveau,it is not and never will be considered acceptable to wear sneakers with jeans: “sneakers are made for running and jeans are not.”


Another Sophomore, Jessie Anderson, has perfected the art of  making sneakers work with jeans. “You can never buy jeans without wearing the sneakers when you try them on. You have to make sure the pants are not too long that it looks weird,” states Jessie.


Isabel Mendoza has a solution to the problem: wearing leggings. Isabel believes that “leggings are the perfect substitute and sneakers with leggings look better together.”


Despite disagreeing with the fashion statement that is wearing jeans with sneakers, Mendoza said, “People should wear whatever they want to wear no matter how I think it looks. I’m not going to confront someone in the hall and yell at them for wearing sneakers with jeans. Wear whatever makes you comfortable.”


In conclusion, one should never feel unnerved for wearing sneakers with jeans. However, trendy jean-lovers should remember to always wear jeans when you are buying sneakers or wear sneakers when buying jeans to get the best result possible for the strange fashion combination.