Presidential Candidate Breakdown


A lot has happened during the presidential primary this year: A Democratic Socialist, a billionaire, and a woman are running for president, illegal Mexican immigrants were called rapists, and this year has had the most presidential candidates in our nation’s history. On top of all of that, the American people are showing extreme anger with both the Democratic and Republican establishment.


Even with these factors, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic establishment candidate, is running in first place, with Bernie Sanders right on her heels. However, on the Republican side, there is an absolute civil war, with Donald Trump dominating around half of the republican party, with the rest divided among three candidates: Ted Cruz from Texas, Marco Rubio from Florida, and Governor John Kasich from Ohio. These men have gone after each other, calling each other con artists, liars, children, and things that are far too explicit for this article.


On the Democrats side of things, it has been a fairly civil race. This will continue until the conventions, where the candidates will be vouched for by their delegates and the nominee will be chosen.


However, do the American people really know who they are voting for? According to the most recent poll at Pentucket, Bernie Sanders wins, with Donald Trump in second, no one at third (meaning no one deserves to be elected), Hillary Clinton in fourth, John Kasich in fifth, and Ted Cruz in last.


In order to give the American people and the students of Pentucket a better idea of who to vote for, this article is going to deliver absolutely unbiased facts about each candidate


Here are some basic things every voter should know about their candidates:


Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist and a current Senator from Vermont. He believes that the United States is falling behind in both education and healthcare. Statistics do show this to be true, since the U.S is not even in the top 20 for most educated countries and even further behind with Healthcare. His campaign has also been focused on Free College Tuition for all students. His critics have criticised his college plan, asking where the money would come from. Bernie says he would raise taxes on Wall Street as a punishment for the 2008 bailout to pay for students tuition. Mrs. Ducalon was asked about Mr. Sanders’s economic plan and said, “ His plan is good, but I’m not sure if it’s economically feasible.” Mr. Sanders also is considered by many to be inexperienced with foreign policy. He is currently trailing behind Hillary Clinton, but in the presidential race all polls show him beating every single Republican nominee.


Hillary Rodham Clinton


Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, the current front runner for her party, and has the most experience in politics than any candidate running. She has been the First Lady, Secretary Of State, a senator, and an ambassador. She has also worked on Obamacare and the Iran Nuclear Deal. However, many polls show that the American people view her as dishonest: over 60 percent of people in fact view her as ”untrustworthy” according to a CNN poll done in March. She has done some pretty suspicious things: during her time as Secretary Of State, she lied about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. She is also blamed by many Republicans for the attack on Benghazi, which killed several Americans It should be noted that she was found innocent of those charges after a nine hour interrogation. She is currently under investigation by the FBI for possibly having top secret information on a private server. Most polls show that Mrs. Clinton beats all the Republican nominees except for John Kasich.


Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a wealthy Businessman from Queens New York and is running on the Republican side. He is the current front runner and the likely nominee. Mr. Trump has promised to build a wall along the southern United States border and is expecting Mexico to pay for it. He is pro gun, pro life, and promises to “Make America Great Again.” However, Mr. Trump is under harsh criticism by both the Republican and Democratic establishment. One of the things he is being criticized for is often he changing his opinions on things. In the past ten years, he has completely flipped his ideals, some of them within the past six months. There is no poll at this time that shows him beating Hillary Clinton or Senator Sanders in a national race.


John Kasich

Possibly the most unknown candidate still running is John Kasich, the former Governor of Ohio and the most experienced Republican running . He’s the only Republican candidate left that is respected by the establishment and is also the only moderate Republican left.During his time in Ohio, hundreds of thousands of jobs were created;  however, some dispute whether or not it was really because of him. He approves of gay marriage and is the only Republican running that would look into Obamacare and the Iran Nuclear deal to see if they are really that bad. In recent polling, Mr. Kasich beats Hillary but loses to Sanders in the presidential race.


Ted Cruz

The polar opposite of John Kasich, Ted Cruz, is a senator from Texas with a lengthy history of law. He is despised by his fellow Republicans for shutting down the Government with the tea party. Ted Cruz is also against Obamacare and the Iran Nuclear Deal and is in favor of carpet bombing cities in the Middle East. He has recently come under fire for saying that the Police should be patrolling Muslim neighborhoods searching for “Islamic Extremists.” However, Mr. Cruz is in second place-a few hundred delegates from Mr. Trump. Polls predict that he loses to both Hillary and Bernie in November. With political, racial, and international tensions worldwide the highest they’ve been since the Second World War, the United State’s president needs be be able to work under pressure, especially right now, with the U.S being called the leader of western society. The U.S.A has soldiers on every continent, and they will all be under the call of the Commander In Chief. Whoever is in control of that power is up to the people.


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