Vacation Homework

The definition of vacation, as explained by the Merriam Webster dictionary, is “an extended period of recreation.” Recreation is regarded as being “an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.”
But are students really able to take full advantage of their school break with the constant concern of homework weighing on their shoulders?
Many students find that homework is an extra burden that they must carry over vacation when, in reality, all they want to do is forget about school completely.
Sophomore Alanna Joachim believes, however, that the possibility of forgetting topics in school is the main problem with not receiving homework at all.
Though most students’ initial response to vacation homework is a commonly expressed groan or cry out for change, some students do see value in the assignments.
Alanna says, “I don’t enjoy doing the homework, but I know that if we weren’t given any assignments, students would be behind when they come back to school. If you’re on a sports team and you don’t practice the whole vacation, you’re going to retrogress. The same applies to education.”
Teachers agree that it is important to keep students focused on the subjects they are learning about. The end of the school year in particular (after April vacation) is a time when teachers are intent on completing all aspects of the school’s curriculum.
Pentucket chemistry teacher Mr. Goguen states that he sometimes struggles to fit all the necessary work into to the all-too-short school year. Vacation work alleviates some of this stress for teachers, as well.
In contrast, however, Pentucket student Elise Linnehan believes that schoolwork should not be assigned during vacation. She states that, “it’s not a real vacation because you’re stressed about finishing your work and can’t do what you want to do without  homework looming over you. Vacation is supposed to be stress free, not stressful.”
Homework does take away some of a student’s free time and can add tension over a well deserved break. With this said, several students have also agreed that receiving homework over vacation can keep students from feeling stressed later on in the year.
The concept stems from two different theories.
The first, is the idea that less homework will be assigned after vacation, thus enabling students to have more free time during the weeks that follow.
This idea is appealing because there is often less time to do work on a school day than on a day during vacation.
The second idea is based on the proposal that students will have an easier time completing assignments when the information they are learning remains fresh in their minds.
Whether or not these theories really do allow students to feel less stress is highly debated.
All in all, receiving homework over vacation can have both positive and negative effects. It is easier to have a positive outlet on the assignments if you are not on the receiving end of the work.
Both students and teachers should be aware of the difficulties the others face. This will better insure that both students and teachers can enjoy their vacations.