What’s Brewing?

Whats Brewing?

Coffee! Some see it as a refreshing, tasty drink designed to give you a bit of a boost during your day, others see it as their lifeline. Either way, coffee is a substance that should be recognized in all of its glory.

Coffee is a significant part of most people’s mornings, as many choose to start their day off with a cup of coffee. Pentucket Physics Teacher Mr Jacques says, “I like just a little bit in the morning.” Pentucket Junior Amanda Smith also likes to have her coffee in the morning, she says, “I love coffee. I can’t get through the day without it.” Pentucket Chemistry Teacher Ms. Lentz believes, “Coffee is essential.”


Although coffee is great for energy, some still feel that it is not good to have too much coffee. Mr Jacques does like coffee but he believes: “Coffee loses its effect if you have too much, I don’t get how people can drink a lot of coffee.” Pentucket Junior Morgan Beauregard states her opinion on coffee as well, “I like it, I’m not as addicted to it as some people are, but I’ll still have it every once in awhile, usually before work. Before I go to work I always have to have my Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.”

Others comment on the health related aspect of coffee. Pentucket Junior Natalie Davis comments on how coffee may affect height, as she says, “I love coffee. I heard that it stunts your growth and I have stopped growing so that may be why but it’s still worth it I think.” Natalie also adds, “I only drink coffee when I’m really tired because I get too hyper and I start to shake, so I only drink it when I really need it.” Pentucket Junior Daniel Dicamillo also comments on the health aspect of coffee, saying, “I think that coffee is a natural product. I think that drinking it in excess does have health risks, however it can be beneficial.” Danny also adds, “I think that coffee is overpriced as well, and it should be made more available for teenagers.”

As you can see, coffee is an important part of a lot of people’s lives, and most people depend on it to get through each day. Although this may not seem like the healthiest option to some, others choose to remain ignorant to that aspect and continue sipping their coffee.