Review of “The Office”

Review of The Office

Ben Batchelder, Writer


Considered by many to be the funniest television show of all time,” The Office” is one of my favorite shows to ever be aired. It is now over, and all seasons are available to be watched through Netflix, which makes it an easy show to binge. If you have not watched The Office, you simply haven’t watched television.


Airing from 2005-2013 means there are nine seasons and 201 episodes available. The show stars Steve Carell, John Krasinski, and Ed Helms just to name a few of the many actors. The dynamic between the characters and excellent plot lines is what makes it such an interesting show.


What is The Office about, and why is it so great?


The Office follows a paper company, Dunder Mifflin, in Scranton, Pennsylvania showing friendships and relationships grow. The manager, Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) is an energetic and interesting character. He does not get a lot done, and the hardest thing he works on is trying to get laughs. He struggles to find a girlfriend, and all he really wants in life is for people to like him. One of his many employees is Jim Halpert ( John Krasinski). Jim just goes in to get paid, and is looking for a job that he actually enjoys, even though he has been there for many years, many do not see him leaving. His best friend is Pam, the secretary. Jim secretly likes her, but she is already engaged to the warehouse guy, Roy. The show chronicles what happens in the office between fire drills, sales, and even cases of anger management.


When you watch The Office, you will laugh at least five times each episode. There are so many great jokes and story lines, that before you realize it, you are already ten episodes deep. The reason I like it so much is the way the show is filmed. It is a documentary, and they interview each person individually after things happen or when something is going on. The shows makes you wish you were an employee of Dunder Mifflin. The way the show is filmed also makes it as if you are right in the workplace with them. The show is a great piece of television, and really shows what great minds can create.


If you have not watched The Office yet, the real question is why? It is an extremely well made comedy, that does not even require you to watch it in order. I recommend watching it first and then you can rewatch your favorite episodes. You will not forget your favorite episodes because they will be some of the funniest things you have ever watched, whether in television or movies.


The Office is for anyone who likes comedies, or just television in general. It is an awesome series that is really just a great show to watch whenever you are bored, or if you are just looking for a new show. Even if you have already watched it, watch it again because it is just as good the second time around as the first!