No Breakfast At Ptuck

With another new year at Pentucket underway, there are new changes underway as well.


Many students in the school have noticed and questioned the lack of a certain ritual that in the previous years has accompanied ten minute break: breakfast. Yes, this year between second and third period there are no bagels, juices, cereals, or doughnut sticks. Many students are disappointed in this, missing the opportunity to get hot breakfast at the perfect time in the morning rather than eating it before school when they have yet to be hungry.

The last time I caught Mr. Seymour, Pentucket High School Principal, to ask him about this growing complaint (not only from our mouths but from our stomach’s), he said that he was “trying to get to the bottom of it”, and expressed his evident disappointment in the lack of breakfast. According to Seymour, the whole point of ten minute break is so students can buy breakfast.

When speaking with Amelia Desjardins, senior, she exclaimed that it’s beneficial to have breakfast because “students are hungry in the morning and we can’t leave school to get food either. There isn’t water in the vending machines, and sometimes the gym is too far of a walk”. For those of you readers who don’t know, Mr. Hayden sells water in the gym for fifty cents a bottle.

When speaking with Desjardins, her mother who was present expressed her disappointment in the lack of breakfast in the cafeteria as well. “Kids are hungry in the morning and they need food for nutritional reasons”, she stated. As disappointing as the lack of breakfast is, another thing to consider is the fact that the cafeteria has a whole new menu and layout. The lunch ladies have a lot more work to do, and a lot more things to get ready in order to have everything out and ready by lunch time.

Many students do not take into consideration the amount of time the lunch ladies spend prepping our food so that everyone can have a fresh variety and multiple options at lunch. Although the breakfast issue is being looked into more extensively by Mr. Seymour, it is important that students be patient and understanding of the changes in the cafeteria in the meantime while things get sorted through.