Trick or Tramp


Need any costume ideas? Ditch the witch costume and dress up as a Jane Doe! It comes with a very short dress that acts as your body bag, and it even comes with a necklace that acts as your tag! Congrats, you’re a dead person! And guys, why don’t you dress up as a tampon? That won’t make anyone angry or anything!

Sure, Halloween is all about dressing up and being something cool, but some of the costumes nowadays are pushing it. Girls can choose from being ‘Anna Rexia’ to a pregnant lady with a dead baby coming out of her stomach. It might sound crazy, but people do buy these costumes.

Guy costumes aren’t that much better. The costumes range from ones that depict bestiality to ones that depict sexual acts. Bestiality might be illegal, but it’s okay to dress up as such for Halloween.

“Costumes are offensive and over sexualized.” Danielle Nadeau, junior, said. “The ‘Anna Rexia’ costume makes me upset because they’re basically making fun of a mental disorder.”

Chris Mcclelland, senior, agreed saying “That is just messed up. [Adults] need to dress up maturely.”

So instead of dressing up as that pregnant lady or a sexy version of Bert and Ernie, how about being a punk rocker, Minnie Mouse, a vampire, or a elf! There are so many other possibilities out there.