Is Halloween a Dying Holiday?

As the times go by, there has been a drastic change in the number of teenagers who dress in a Halloween costume. The question seems to boil down to, “is dressing up for Halloween cool anymore?” Many people will state that Halloween is just for the little ones now; however, students at Pentucket High Regional School (PRHS) may disagree.

“I believe that Halloween is a time to remind us of our childhood; most of us are lucky enough to grow up from great families, Halloween just helps me bring back those memories,” says Pentucket’s senior, Sarah Crawford.

Most students at Pentucket are thriving to wear their Halloween costume to costume day at PRHS. Students dress up as their favorite fictional or real-life character. In most cases, the fall athletic teams will sometimes dress up together as one character.

“The girls field hockey team gets really into it, everybody is sworn to secrecy because we want the field hockey team to be the best at the school,” said by Pentucket’s senior, Liza Brackbill.

When Brackbill was asked if Pentucket’s Halloween spirit had vanished, Brackbill replied by saying, “Well at least not at Pentucket.”

“Although the field hockey team usually dresses to impress, the cross-country team is going to be some tough competition, so watch out girls,” said Pentucket’s senior, Jordan Balletto.

The Pentucket community seems to still be in touch with the Halloween season, it is good to see that students and faculty come together as a whole to celebrate the happening holiday!