It’s That Time of Year Again!

It’s that time of year again: No Shave November!  Get some friends, put those razors away, and raise awareness for a good cause!

Many people don’t even know that this month is all about raising awareness for prostate and other male cancers. “Oh really? I did not know that.” Max Walsh, Pentucket junior, said. He isn’t the only one who didn’t know.

People think No Shave November is just an excuse for not shaving when in reality it’s for cancer. The organization, dubbed Movember (the ‘Mo’ for moustache), started in 2004 and is growing in popularity by the year.

Men and women can participate in this event. Moustaches aren’t the only things that need to be grown, women can participate anyway they want.

“I’m participating in it because I’m lazy.” Natalie Scott, Pentucket junior, said.

“I believe girls should participate in No Shave November because it’s sexist.” Mia Hayden, Pentucket senior, said.

Jon Hayes, also a senior, said that he was not doing No Shave November because he had no reason to but he fully supports the cause.

The poll on our website shows that 46% of those who have took the poll are not participating in No Shave November. And even if you don’t want to ‘let it grow’, you can still donate money to a great cause.  Check out for more details.