Thanksgiving Game

It’s that time of year again; when the air starts to turn frigid and the days start to get shorter, but as always the upcoming Thanksgiving football is promised to bring the community together once again.

The Thanksgiving football game is an annual tradition at Pentucket where the football team plays again our football rival: Triton. Although the score shouldn’t matter on this day of thanks, I feel it’s important to add in that with our great season this year, the odds are looking like they’re in Pentucket’s favor. Senior Nolan Bridgewater says “I cannot wait; our football team has had such a good season! I’ve been to every game!”

The school is getting extremely excited in anticipation of this football game, which will be played at Triton this year at 10am. Spirit week at Pentucket is all in anticipation of this game. There’s a sense of family as the entire community comes together. Senior Danika Bruce says “It’s a big part of our school; really the one time a year when everyone is participating in some sort of school spirit. For me personally, I’ve always gone with my dad and brother and it’s a big tradition for us.” The game clearly means something different for everyone.

For senior football players, the experience is completely different. Senior Shane Ketola says “Well the Thanksgiving game means a lot to me personally but also as a teammate. It’s the last time I get to play on the field with my team as well as be coached by the best group of coaches I could ask for. As players we all treat each other like brothers and have always been teammates since we can remember. For the seniors this game means a lot because it’s our last time to play high school football and it brings the community together. It’s a great experience to watch and play especially since I’ve been on both ends of it. I can’t wait to get out on the field and play my heart out with the rest of my team for our last game of the year!” As it truly is most senior’s last time on the field, they enjoy the frigid air and play just for the love of the game.

This year, as with every year previously, the entire community is expected to pull together and come to this game to support our football team and cheer on the seniors in their last high school game.