Spirit Week Brings Out Creativity

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” –Albert Einstein

As the school’s creativity comes together as one, some students’ creativity reaches the extreme.

Spirit Week is one of the best weeks to be a Pentucket student. All the classes work together to show their school spirit and gather points for their class. Each class makes a video that is played on Color Day to unite the school and get everyone excited for the Thanksgiving football game.

Ms. Cavallaro, one of the coordinators of Spirit Week, commented on how she felt on the creativity that Spirit Week brings about, “I think the more creative, the better! People nowadays are just kind of used to getting by and just doing what they absolutely have to do. I think it’s great when people push themselves and try to be original and creative and do their best work, rather than just trying to get something done to score a point.”

This year, one student’s creativity reached a whole new level.

Gwen Albert, a Senior at Pentucket, made her own neon pink lipstick for neon day. When asked how she came up with the idea of making her own lipstick, said, “I do a lot of costume work so it’s like trying to find colors that are bright green and stuff like that. You can pay thirty dollars for a tiny tube. Me and my girlfriend needed something cheaper than that so we looked online to see how to make our own lipstick.”

“For Spirit Day, I made the neon one. I wasn’t going to go out and buy lipstick that I was only going to wear for a day,” said Gwen.

Making your own lipstick is pretty impressive to say the least. It is a unique idea that many students have probably never thought of before.