50 Shades of Red Part II

Do red heads like having their hair color, or does the teasing and joking become too offensive for them? Is there a line for teasing that people should not cross?

Our generation views red heads as creatures lacking both souls and control over their temper. But was there a different view on red heads back in the day? When we asked junior Alison Thornell, who usually receives compliments on her hair, she said, “Older people are usually the only people who compliment red heads.” Not only are people with red hair becoming extinct, but people who appreciate red hair are also becoming extinct.

The offensive remarks don’t stop at “soulless” and “evil.” Red head jokes can get much more creative. A few popular jokes include “Q: Why are the Harry Potter films unrealistic? A: A ginger has two friends!” and “Q: What do Gingers miss about a great party? A: An invitation.”

How would you feel if you were made fun of for your hair color every day? Freshman Cassidy Force doesn’t mind the name “ginger.” She says, “Usually people are joking when they make comments, so it doesn’t bother me.”

Is it ok to call red heads gingers? Junior Leanne Durkin, a red head, said “it is ok to call a red head a ginger if you are describing them, but if you call them a ginger instead of their name, it is rude.”

Tomfoolery about red heads is becoming more and more creative. Sophomore Corie Lucier says, “People put their hands on my head and pretend it’s a fire.”

We asked sophomore Jaclyn Belanger if red heads are treated differently because of their hair color. She said, “Sometimes. People call you guys gingers, and nobody says, ‘Hey look it’s a brunette.’”

Is red hair an unattractive trait? Sophomore David Greene says, “No, because if red hair is on an attractive person than it is attractive. Otherwise, it is not. The hair color doesn’t matter.”

Does red hair change who a person is? “Ed Sheeran has red hair and he’s still a god,” says Sophomore Kelly Murray.

Some people do believe that having red hair is a curse. Noah Mahli says, “If I had red hair I would burn it all off.”

Opinions about red heads vary within Pentucket, but one thing is clear. All the red heads want is to be treated as respected individuals.