Pentucket In Pictures: Our First-Ever Courtyard Dance

Hannah Linehan, Editor in Chief

Friday, October 8th marked quite the historic day for Pentucket Regional High School. For the first time ever, students enjoyed a school dance… outside! Seeing that Covid-19 restrictions are still somewhat in place at school, the Fall Festival Dance could not be held in the gym per usual. So, Student Council members got creative, and thus, the dance took place in the school’s main courtyard.

In preparation for the dance, the main issue was the courtyard space itself. The space had not been mowed in many months, leaving the enclosure looking like a barren safari. However, after much bartering and begging, the PRSD Matenence Crew tackled the grass (and bees!) to get the space ready for student activity.

Lights were strung about, donuts set out, and music a blast to create a somewhat normal dance ambiance. With a turnout of about 350, it seemed as though Pentucket students faced no apprehension in getting back into the swing of fun events. Many students voiced that this was their favorite dance yet, as the courtyard walls created great acoustics, and being outside allowed for much better airflow than the stuffy gym.

It was a pleasure to see so many happy faces making the best of their time at PRHS, and there are high hopes of a Homecoming dance to be coming in late November.

Reworking the past inner details of Pentucket dances was no easy feat, but the Student Council fought for their dance and executed it to near perfection!

Here are some photos captured from the dance! All are taken by Hannah Linehan.