A Year Without Christmas Spirit

Where are all of the Santa hats and holiday spirit? Normally everybody at Pentucket is roaring about vacation and the merriest holiday of the year coming up, but is this the year without spirit? Nobody wears Santa hats anymore and the Christmas carols have yet to be sung.

As vacation is nearing, students at Pentucket have high spirits with the thought of vacation coming up. But, is this spirit expressed throughout the school just like when Halloween or Thanksgiving comes around?

Many students would say no, according to sophomore Kelly Murray, “it is more festive around Halloween.”

Though, this is true, another sophomore, Justin Peavey said that it depends on the type of person, people have their own special way of showing spirit. He also said that “It’s a certain dynamic.”

Like Justin and Kelly, Beebe Jackson, a sophomore at Pentucket, feels as if Pentucket doesn’t have as much spirit around Christmastime compared to other holidays. She said, “We aren’t really allowed to put up decorations; we don’t get any special treatment, the homework load is still the same.” This is very true, the amount of homework teachers give doesn’t let up, even over vacation, but why isn’t there decorating around the school?

Recently discovered the other day, was that the lunch ladies are unable to put up any Christmas decorations in the cafeteria this year. One in particular, seemed very somber when she had to give away some of the decorations, to save them from getting thrown out. Is this new change affecting the spirit of the staff as well as the students?

Even though inside school not much spirit is shown, what about outside of school? Are people continuing traditions or is the spirit of Christmas lost?

When asked how she shows Christmas spirit, sophomore Beebe Jackson said, “The day after Thanksgiving my family goes out to get our Christmas tree and we spend the whole day decorating.”

And, sophomore Josh Wildes said that for the holiday he is “baking cookies with friends.” and, he is starting a new tradition with his family by chopping down their own Christmas tree.

Is this new trend of students lacking Christmas spirit going to continue or is something going to change?