New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to start fresh in the 2014 year. Many people make promises to stop doing something bad or start doing something good.

Most people don’t plan their New Year’s resolutions this far in advance, but sophomore Sophie Capobianco said, “I usually do things about not procrastinating in school, but it usually does not work out.”

Most people design resolutions to fix their flaws. Kelly Murray said her resolution is “to tweet less and say ‘I can’t’ less.”

This brings up another good point about New Year’s resolutions. Do people usually follow through on their “promises” for the New Year? Sophomore Jaclyn Belanger says, “No, I don’t think anyone does.”

Common resolutions include losing weight, eating healthier or getting grades up. Most people try to change themselves or their bodies in some way because they are not satisfied with themselves.

Some New Year’s resolutions are very realistic and accomplishable. For example, Sophomore David Greene thinks a good New Year’s resolution is to “breathe more.”

On the other hand, some resolutions people come up with are very unrealistic. Impractical resolutions are a big reason why the majority of people do not go through with their promises in the New Year. Sophomore Brielle Powers said, “People trying to lose a lot of weight are pretty unrealistic because that never happens.”

Do a lot of people actually go through with their New Year’s resolutions? University of Scranton research suggests that a whopping 8% of people go through with their plans for the New Year. Glad to know only 8% of people are putting in effort to better themselves.

When asking Sophomore Noah Malhi if he usually succeeds with his New Year’s resolution, he said, “I try to go through with my resolution for about two weeks and when it doesn’t make a difference, I just end up giving up.”

Some people simply think they are “too good” for New Year’s resolutions. Davis Jackson says, “I don’t have a New Year’s resolution because having one would imply that I am not perfect, which I obviously am.”

Whether your resolution is unrealistic or realistic, make an effort this year to change your habits for the New Year. This is the year for you to set an accomplishable goal.