Pentucket In Pictures: Neon-Out Football Game


Hannah Linehan, Editor in Chief

Whether you are a Pentucket fan, football player, cheerleader, or band member, there is no distinction between our roles as supporters and spirit junkies! There is no better feeling than the excitement and pure joy that school events bring about.

This fall, football games have been a great outlet for all Pentucket supporters to get out, cheer on their school, and have a good time! The October 1st “Neon-Out” game was a true chance for all of our personalities and energies to shine through, leading the Pentucket boys to victory.

This photo article highlights the various parts of Pentucket’s student-body coming together to create some truly great, special memories. Relive everything from the crowd rollercoaster to the color smoke bombs to storming the field with these photos taken by Hannah Linehan!