Pentucket In Pictures: Halloween Lunch

Hannah Linehan, Editor in Chief

Ah, Halloween Lunch. One of the only days where it is socially acceptable to wear a telletubby suit to school.

Like most things last year, 2020 Halloween lunch was pretty much a fail, seeing that we were not all together at school and lunch seats were few and far between. However, Halloween Lunch 2021 was back to normal and Pentucket spirits have been raised once again! Sports teams, friend groups, and teachers all stunted their costumes on Friday 10/29 to celebrate Halloween and to bring some fun back into our school routine.

Student Council did a great job of planning and executing great fun in all three lunches. Candy was passed out, guesses were made as to how many candy corns were in the jar, and donuts were even eating off of strings!

There is no question that some candy and a good laugh can brighten up everyone’s day, so it was really great to see all Pentucket members forgetting about the stress of school and just having a downright good, goofy time!

Please enjoy some pictures from Halloween Lunch 2021. All taken by Hannah Linehan.