Going with the Flow

Winter, a time where if you are a hockey player it is almost a crime to get a haircut.  A time to grow out the flow.  Flow refers to long, wavy hairstyles that tend to flow out of the back of a helmet.  Sydney Snow claims, “Some guys can pull it off, some guys can’t at all.”  Further adding, “You have to play either hockey or lacrosse to grow it out, HAVE TO!”

Although the term is widely used among lax bros, it actually originated in the hockey locker room years ago.   But why do so many try to grow out their hair?  Bob Barry claims, “I do what makes me happy.  It gives me strength and pride, and also makes me look cool.  I feel like a man with flow.”  Further adding, “You have to have at least one guy on the hockey team that has sweet hair, we have a few, but my hair is going to be the longest and most lush. I got enough salad to feed a family of four.”

Andrew Greenbaum claims, “I grow it out for the boys.  I just comb it back and throw on a hat.”

Jeremy Binding refers to his flow as “beautilicious, it’s the best flow at P-tuck.”  A fellow hockey team mate, Mike Kutcher’s feelings about flow are that you just can’t describe it.

Ben Klosowski describes his flow simply as “flowlicious”, as he flips his luscious flow backward and walks away.

The hair products used by players with luscious flow range from Dove, Head and Shoulders, and Fructose Garnier.

Although a number of hockey athletes have opted to grow their flow for the season, other students at Pentucket have grown it out for other reasons.  Kevin Lundy claims, “Well, I was growing it out for Locks for Love, but then the long hair look kind of grew on me and I decided to keep it.  If I cut it there would be a lot of angry people.”

Others maintain a flow to get the added benefit of warmth.  In fact, Carlos Del-Castillo states the reason why he keeps some flow, “It’s good to have something to keep my head warm.  I shampoo and condition it every day, and pick it out as its drying.”

Flow is certainly not a hair style at Pentucket that is going away anytime soon.  Who has the best flow?  That’s up to you to decide.   Look for Pentucket Profile’s upcoming poll and cast your vote.