Flatbread’s Best Flavors

Photo Source: FSR magazine The Flatbread Company Grows with a Community-Based Approach | FSR magazine

Photo Source: FSR magazine The Flatbread Company Grows with a Community-Based Approach | FSR magazine

Johnny Igoe

“They have a special taste, unlike other pizza places because of how they are made and the brick oven is awesome,” said a student at Pentucket. That feeling when you take that first bite of the thin, soft, yet crunchy crust and the mouth flavoring toppings just want to make you grab another slice from the pizza stand on your table.  

If you’ve been to Flatbread, you know that going through the menu is not the easiest. You’re always asking yourself:

Which one will have the best flavor?

Which one will be the most filling?

What has the best toppings?

So many delicious pizzas can be found on the menu that it is tough to have a favorite. Here at Pentucket, I sent out a survey to some students questioning their top pizza at Flatbread and why. 


Here are the results:                                            

Photo Credit: Johnny Igoe

Out of the 32 responses the top three highest votes for favorite pizza was Jay’s Heart, coming in at 13 votes. The chicken bacon had the second highest votes of four. There was a tie between the pesto margarita and cheese and herb, with two votes each. Jay’s Heart is a basic cheese pizza with tomato sauce and herb toppings. It is definitely a classic at Flatbread.


After I got some responses, I looked at what they like about the pizzas at Flatbread. Here’s what the Pentucket students had to say… 

“Flatbreads has the best pizza. The regular pizza is great but the toppings are even better”

“The crust is the best part, they are light so you can have room for more pieces”

“They’re very flavorful and taste good”

“The dough is really good, and the pizzas are pretty good sizes”


Going by the staff members, the most popular pizza bought would have to either be the special of the week or the chicken bacon ranch. The special of the week is based on a carne or a veggie pizza. They are always a top selling pizza no matter what.


 Cody, a staff member of Flatbread, answered a few questions about the pizza, saying the “Most popular pizza is the classic Jay’s heart. The ingredients include organic cauldron-fried tomato sauce, whole milk mozzarella, parmesan, and organic herb blend.” Worker Cody said “I like the weekly specials because they highlight local, seasonal produce from farms in the area.” His favorite special is the Bahn Mi pizza. This pizza has pickled veggies, cucumber onions, carrots, with pork or chicken, mozzarella, parmesan, and herb, and topped with sriracha aioli and cilantro. Cody also said “My favorite thing about the pizzas and Flabread in general is that they use local ingredients to highlight and promote local farms.”


 For me personally, my favorite is the BLT based on how much flavor it has and the toppings just make it even better. The BLT consists of north country smokehouse bacon, organic cherry tomatoes, organic arugula, whole milk mozzarella, parmesan, garlic oil, organic herbs, and lemon aioli drizzle. Doesn’t that sound delicious!