Nichol’s Village

What better way to learn about the past than from someone who experienced it first hand? That was the attitude of student’s in Mrs. Ducolon’s journalism class as they set out on their field trip down the street to Nichols Village, a retirement community for senior citizens. The goal of the students participating was to meet and interview some of the residents who volunteered to speak with them and share some of their life experiences.

The residents were warm and welcoming to the students, and they were eager to share their knowledge with Pentucket’s team of journalists. A very interesting pair, Mr. and Mrs. Clark had their own intriguing stories of World War II, and growing up in a time much different than our present lives.

“I always knew I wanted to be a nurse” said Mrs. Clark. “Ever since I was a little girl it was all I wanted to be.”

Not only did she become a nurse, she even joined the air force as one. Both Mr. and Mrs. Clark were, in fact, a part of the United States Air Force.

“I joined when I was eighteen” said Mr. Clark. “I knew I was going to be drafted anyway so I decided to join with my friends. I traveled all over the world when I was in the service.”

The Clarks have five successful children and are also grandparents. The journalists greatly appreciated hearing their stories and were very thankful they were able to have such a wonderful experience interviewing the senior citizens of Nichols Village.