Halloween 2022

Halloween 2022

Grace Pherson and Reese Gallant

It’s that time of year again! Halloween was this past Monday and everyone wore their best costumes. From Expo Markers to Vector costumes, we had it all! Here is a collection of photos taken throughout the day. All Credit goes to Grace Pherson and Reese Gallant, except for the last thirteen Faculty/Sports Teams photos. If you took one of these photos, please contact us so we may give you credit. 


Best Faculty Costumes                                                    

  1. Math Department 
  2. Fitness and Athletics 
  3. Science Department  


Best Sports Team Costume 

  1. Girl’s Soccer Team 
  2. Cheer-leading Team 
  3. Cross Country Team





Field Hockey































Girls Soccer
Boys Soccer
Girls and Boys Cross Country
Cheer Leading


Fitness and Athletics Department
Science Department
Math Department
Arts Department
Special Education Department
And Dice!