Nichols Village: Oh How The Times Have Changed

In today’s day and age, we are constantly finding ourselves giving in to the latest trends and fashion patterns. Although these trends may seem the coolest at the time, I found myself getting a blast from the past after interviewing Chris and Brenda Ball of Nichols Village.

What we find the most popular today may consist of Ugg Boots, yoga pants, and North Faces. When Mr. and Mrs. Ball were growing up those things were unheard of.

The most popular fashions of their childhood consisted of hoop skirts, dresses, and …Hoop skirts? I can imagine what you’re thinking, what is a hoop skirt? Brenda described a hoop skirt as a skirt with a wire rimmed bottom that could be quite annoying when you sat down.

Just as hoop skirts are unheard of in our generation, so were girls wearing pants as a casual appearance…That meant jeans were very uncommon.

Not only are the fashion styles of our generations different, but the common activities amongst teens have obviously changed as well.

While the things the students at PRHS take part in on Friday nights may consist of watching sporting events or even just hanging out with friends, Chris explained their Friday nights as the night you went out to meet a potential girlfriend.

Teens then would find themselves down at

All of the ladies would stand outside of the dance floor, and the gentlemen would find a lady of their choice and ask them to dance, hopefully getting to know each other better by the end of the night.

Along with the activities and fashions of our generations the music styles also are hard to compare.

With the most popular music artists like Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Kanye West, taking up our musical interests, the Balls find their childhood music very different, as do I.

Composed of artists like Chris and Brenda agreed that music of their age was based on more of synchronized sounds rather than mashed up sounds like those of today’s music.

Although the most popular ways of our generation today are much different than those of Brenda and Chris, Brenda believes fashion will soon make its way back around in a cycle. Everything that is popular now will become just a trend of the past and something similar will return in the future.

It’s interesting to explore how different the generations truly are and it is also fascinating to see the similarities. It was a great experience to compare the ways of my young adulthood with the ways of Chris and Brenda Ball.