Who’s in your Class?

The nerd, the theater-enthusiast, the drama queen and the “bad” boy; although all are seemingly unfair stereotypes it seems that each and every type of person has gained a specific category they have fallen into since middle school.  We have seen one another grow, through the awkward days of braces, acne, bowl-cuts, and that middle part in your hair you wish someone had told you did not make you look like a Kardashian like you were planning.  But here’s the question: do you really understand who is in your class?

1.  The Kid Who Always Tells the Teacher: “you forgot to pass out homework…”

Since the beginning of time( a.k.a the good old days of elementary school), this crusher of dreams has continued to commit the ultimate crime students have ever seen, causing a mass effect of screams, eye rolls and hate. We call them “the teacher’s pet.”

2. The One Who Will Get Away With Murder

Unconditionally, the teacher will continue loving this student who’s “too cool for school” no matter what he does -and everyone knows it.  Like what is going on here? Did he bribe you? Is this blackmail? Is it his irresistible dimples that just capture your soul?  The world may never know.

3. The Gossip Addict

This student, typically a girl, comes in each and every day with a new stream of juicy information.  Don’t tell her a secret; soon, rumors will be spreading around the school like a scene from Mean Girls.  However, the school couldn’t function without her.  We have to get our information somewhere, huh?

4. The Competitor

The one who is OBSESSED with grades; whose is higher, whose is better. “Oh my! I got a B! I’ll never get into college now!”  This person has to be outstanding with each and everything they do.  But if they don’t get at least an A, watch out for a tear shedding, whining, fire-breathing dragon storming your way.

5. The Friend

The only problem here is this person is not even being a fake snob like 80% of the girls in high school.  They just genuinely want to be friends with legit anyone.  It does not matter who you are. If she knows you, she wants to know your life story.  It gets to a point, when you’re receiving a full embraced bear-hug from this so called “friend” and you are just like, “Um… do I know you?”

6. The Not So Study Buddy

They don’t even have to lift a finger to maintain an A+ average, while you are here working your butt off to barely get a C.  Maybe they have a photographic memory, maybe they are making back door deals.  Like what is this person up to?  Are you a genius? Stupid? Do I hate you?

7. The One Who Has Everything,( or so it seems)

They have perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect hair, and a boyfriend resembling Channing Tatum.  They dress like Kylie Jenner and they are rich.  They’re hot and they know it.  Are you a Barbie or are you human?

8. The Music Junkie

This student is usually rambling on about some game-changing, world saving, band that no one else has ever heard of.  With their headphones in, jamming, ignoring the world with their underground “un-mainstream” hardcore, nothing else matters.

9. The Frat Boy

Gym. Girls. Parties.

That’s about it.

10. The One Who Desperately Wants People to Have School Spirit

Your typical student government member, who desperately wants to get everyone involved.  From spirit week to fundraisers to those cheesy school dances, they try to promote school events like it’s the hottest thing around.

11. The Classic Nerd

They love their computers, their theater, and the arts.  You see them rambling on about something seemingly important, but it almost sounds like a different language.  They probably spend 50% of their time watching Doctor Who, while the other 50% of the time is spent talking about how everyone else who isn’t a nerd bomber is a total twat.

See who identifies in your class! And which one are you…?